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When It Comes To Oral Health, Don’T Forget Your Pet!

Dr Martin Abelar - February 11, 2022 - 0 comments

As parents, we worry about our kids oral health, and that includes our “fur babies”, too. That’s because we know that oral health is essential not just to our teeth and gums, but to our overall health too. Not just in humans, but in pets as well.

This February marks not just Children’s Dental Health Month, but also Pet Dental Health Month. If you’re wondering why it’s just as important to care for your pets teeth as it is to care for your children’s teeth, keep reading!

Much like humans, pets are not immune to the dangers of poor oral health. In addition to gum disease, cavities, tooth loss, and tooth breakage, pets with poor oral hygiene can suffer from heart, kidney, and liver diseases, all of which can be fatal. Here are some oral health tips for your furry friends.


While you don’t need to brush them after every meal or floss your pets teeth, you should try to brush them daily, or as frequently as possible. Use a toothbrush specifically designed for your species of pet, found in the pet section of your local department store or at a pet supply store.

When it comes to selecting a toothpaste, never use human paste on a pet, as the levels of fluoride in human toothpaste are not safe for pets. Instead, use a species-specific toothpaste that comes in flavors your pet will enjoy, like chicken or peanut butter. This will keep teeth clean and healthy, and ward off that dreaded doggy breath!


You probably already take your pet to regular veterinary appointments for their annual or bi-annaul physical and vaccines. But did you know your vet is probably also checking their teeth? Most pets will require a dental cleaning annually, so if your vet recommends this its important that you schedule it. This can save your pets teeth and help safeguard their overall health.

Dog dental cleanings usually occur under anesthesia, so your pet will not be awake or feel any discomfort during the procedure. It also makes the cleaning easier for your vet to conduct. 

While Dr. Abelar doesn’t treat four-legged friends, he wants your entire family to have healthy smiles, so this Pet Dental Health Month, don’t forget your furry friends!

If you require an appointment for yourself or anyone in your human family, contact Dr. Abelar’s officein San Deigo today!

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