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Sedation Dentistry

Many patients tend to feel anxious while visiting the dentist. This is especially true for first-timers, such as children. Even adults could feel stressed out while getting treated by the dentist, fearing it could lead to pain and discomfort. While this isn’t true at all, we make sure our patients have the most pleasant experience through our safe and convenient procedures. Additionally, we may suggest mild sedation to help ease your nerves.

What are the popular means of sedation?

Gaseous sedation: Nitrous oxide is a popular sedative in medical and dental procedures. It is a safe and mild gas used to induce a feeling of calmness in the patient. Nitrous oxide is supplied by means of a comfortably fitting mask on the patient’s mouth and nose, and within a few minutes of inhaling it, the patient would start to feel more relaxed. In fact, even the most ordinary things could appear funnier when you inhale nitrous oxide, earning it the name ‘laughing gas.’ The sedative does not have any known side effects, and it would gradually wear off by itself within a couple of hours.

Oral sedation: Oral sedation can be considered as an intermediate form. We would suggest it usually when the procedures tend to go on for longer. Though the patient doesn’t go into a state of a deep sleep, they would hardly have any memory of the procedure. Based on how long the effect of the sedation should last, the dentist will prescribe oral pills, which you will have to consume before starting the treatment.

IV sedation: Intravenous sedation is administered directly into the vein and is usually recommended to induce deep sleep. For complicated procedures such as dental implantation, gum surgery, etc. IV sedation is used. Under the influence of IV sedation, the patient would not have any sensation. It would be best if you bring along someone to drive you home after the procedure, as the drug takes a while to wear off.


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