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Kid Friendly Dentist

At Aesthetic Dentistry of San Diego, we practice a friendly and compassionate approach while treating young patients. This allows us to build a bond with the child and treat them more effectively.

What are the services offered?

Cavity prevention: Cavities are the most common oral concern among children. They are the direct result of microbial activity in the mouth that leads to the release of acidic substances. These acids erode the enamel and decay the tissues of the teeth. Decayed teeth can ruin the appearance of the teeth and affect oral health. Hence, we will remove the decay from the tooth, disinfect it, and place a suitable filling material in the cavity to restore it.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride is a mineral that is essential to ensure the teeth stay immune to cavities. It is provided to the body through drinking water and toothpaste we use. However, if the ideal amount of fluoride isn’t supplied to the teeth, they may become weak and susceptible to decay. Hence, a fluoride treatment will replenish the fluoride in the teeth and help them keep away from cavities.

Treating malocclusion: Malocclusion is a common oral concern that occurs due to heredity or issues with jawbone growth. It is best to get a malocclusion treated when the patient is still young as the results are usually better, and the teeth get adjusted to their new positions easily. We will thoroughly diagnose your child’s teeth and suggest the right orthodontic appliance to treat the misalignment.

Extracting baby teeth: Sometimes, the baby teeth may refuse to fall off at the right time and allow the permanent teeth to erupt from beneath. Due to this, they may emerge deviated, which ruins the appearance of the child’s smile. Hence, we will ensure the baby tooth is extracted at the right time in the most gentle way so that the permanent tooth erupts at the right time.

Apart from these procedures, our kid-friendly dentist also provides comprehensive solutions to your child’s oral concerns.


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