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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry involves the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ. In particular, it mainly focuses on the treatment of chronic pain caused due to issues with the TMJ and surrounding structures (a condition called TMD). At our dental practice, Dr. Abelar would thoroughly diagnose your condition and understand the cause behind it. He uses a non-invasive treatment approach to get rid of the pain, which has been highly appreciated and recommended by his patients.

What gives rise to TMD?

TMD is caused due to excessive stresses applied on the TMJs. In most cases, it is caused due to the subconscious clenching of jaws, especially during sleep. This condition is called bruxism. Other causes include persistent chewing, external trauma to the TMJ, improper posture while sleeping, etc. When the patient develops TMD, they could experience severe pain in the TMJ, limited movement of the lower jaw, inability to bite or chew food, swollen TMJs, etc.

Chronic pain arises when TMD is left untreated for a considerably long time. Over time, it could even spread to the nearby tissues such as near the neck, shoulders, face, etc. Even the slightest movement involving these tissues could give rise to pain in this case. The condition becomes so severe as both the nerves and the muscles in the surrounding region are affected by it.

What does neuromuscular dentistry involve?

The main aim of neuromuscular dentistry is to treat the pain caused by TMD without the use of surgery or any other invasive treatment method. For this, identifying the root cause of the condition plays a major role in choosing the treatment method. The dentist identifies this and formulates a suitable treatment plan to help get rid of your condition. It can involve the use of medication or specialized equipment that are proven to be highly effective.

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