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CT Scans Tech

A Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan is a specialized X-ray system capable of delivering high-resolution three-dimensional images of the oral structures. The CT scanning process is fast and effective, and images can be viewed on a computer screen instantly. This information is used to make improved diagnostic and procedural planning decisions. Moreover, CT scans emit a low amount of radiation compared to the conventional methods. At Aesthetic Dentistry in San Diego, California, we use advanced technology to deliver safe and comfortable treatments for our patients.

Benefits of Dental CT Scans

  • CT scans deliver a highly accurate and pain-free scanning experience.
  • There is no remaining radiation after a CT has been performed.
  • A single scan provides many accurate angles and images.
  • They allow for more accurate planning, especially dental implant placements and impacted teeth removal.
  • Professional and proficient evaluation of jaw, nasal cavity, nerve canals, and sinuses
  • CT scans are non-invasive, and in some cases, can eliminate the need for an exploratory surgery.
  • Radiation exposure to the patient is ten times lesser than a regular CT scanner

What Are the Uses of CT Scans?\

There are multiple uses of CT scans in dentistry, including:

  • They assess and measure the jawbone quality where the dental implant has to be placed.
  • They determine the exact location of the nerves.
  • They diagnose tumors and disease in their preliminary stages.
  • They help decide the most effective positioning of implant crews, including the angle of best fit.
  • They help in the advanced treatment planning of the complete surgical procedure
  • They help determine the appropriate size and type of implants needed.
  • They can help see the exact orientation and position of each tooth.
  • They give detailed images of the impacted teeth
  • They provide imaging for diagnosing various disorders like temporomandibular joint dysfunction, jaw tumors, and dental infections, tooth alignment problems, and identifying the source of oral pain

How Are CT Scans Performed?

CT scans are quick and straightforward to perform. The patient will have to sit or stand in a designated position during the scan. The cone beams can capture hundreds of images in a single rotation. These images are used to gather an exact 3D image of the internal structures of the mouth. Our dentists can pinpoint the specific areas and view them from different angles. This will help us to accurately diagnose and plan the treatments accordingly. The CT scans are an incredible tool that helps reduce the cost of dental treatment, decrease treatment time, and enhance the results of dental surgery.


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