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Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day is a brilliant procedure that will enable you to come to our office with a denture or failing teeth and leave the same day with a new set of natural-looking teeth.

The traditional dental implant treatments take about a year to complete before you regain your smile aesthetics. The implants require a healing period of six to twelve weeks, during which time you may have to wear uncomfortable dentures. But with teeth in a day restoration, you no longer have to undergo long healing periods, using dentures, or the need for messy adhesives. At Aesthetic Dentistry in San Diego, California, we will assess your smile, explain all of your tooth replacement alternatives, and help you find the best option for your unique oral health care needs.

What Are Teeth In a Day?

Teeth in a day treatment will allow for replacement teeth to be made while never leaving people without the ability to chew or smile. This technique uses four to six dental implants to secure a temporary denture during the healing phase, which will eventually be replaced by a removable denture or fixed prosthetic attached to the implants.

Candidates for Teeth In a Day

People who face an immediate risk of losing their teeth, or have been affected by sudden tooth loss, are good candidates for the teeth in a day procedure. This technique is suitable for patients who are seeking:

  • Tooth removal and placement of dental implant on the same day
  • Single or multiple tooth restoration
  • Same-day implant-supported dentures or bridgework.

Benefits of Teeth In a Day

  • Immediate new teeth with no waiting period
  • Quick healing and a high success rate
  • Eliminate the need for temporary dentures

The Procedure for Teeth In a Day

Our dentists will begin by taking a high-resolution CT scan of your jawbone structure, which will help us plan the implant placement. Then, a dental appliance like a bridge or denture is fabricated and kept ready for attachment over the implants.

Generally, you will receive two restorations. Once your temporary restorations are ready, we will begin the teeth in a day process. First, we will remove any damaged teeth and then place dental implant posts and conceal them with the temporary restoration. After your implants have healed, we will attach the abutments which are the connecting pieces. Then impressions are taken to create your final restoration and are attached to the implant posts.

Learn more about teeth in a day restoration at our Aesthetic Dentistry office during your consultation. We are located at 11515 El Camino Real #160, San Diego, CA 92130. You can also reach  Dentist in San Diego CA at (858) 866-9692 and schedule an appointment.