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Teeth Whitening

As people age, it is natural for teeth to become dull and stained. This happens either due to aging itself or due to people’s certain habits or what people eat and drink. For example, food habits like drinking coffee, tea, wine, food that contain food colors, smoking, etc., can stain teeth. One of the easiest ways to prevent tooth stains is by brushing immediately after eating and drinking, but it is typically not enough to remove the risk entirely. Thanks to modern dentistry, now, stained and discolored teeth don’t have to stay that way.

Types of Whitening

To remove the stains and get whitened teeth, several types of teeth bleaching methods are available. The simplest among that, you can start by using whitening toothpaste at home. However, whitening toothpaste is not strong enough to whiten the teeth by itself but is recommended as a part of an overall whitening treatment only. Whitening toothpaste can help your teeth stay bright after a professional whitening treatment.

There are over the counter solutions like whitening trays or strips also available. These work and helps to whiten the teeth but not as good as professional solutions. Additionally, as store-bought whitening trays are designed to fit everyone’s teeth, they can become loose, and the solution can leak, leading to gum irritation.

To overcome all the problems associated with teeth whitening, schedule an appointment with us; our professional tooth whitening solutions can transform your teeth’ appearance to give you the most beautiful smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening – Benefits

Professional teeth whitening offers the following benefits:

  • Professional teeth whitening is non-invasive, safe, and painless.
  • Professional teeth whitening treatment is more effective and longer-lasting than over-the-counter whitening treatments.
  • Professional teeth whitening can be done in just one hour.

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