Viral TikTok Video Shows Dangers of Botox to Treat TMJ Dysfunction

Posted by AESTHETIC DENTISTRY on May 5 2021, 03:56 AM

Viral TikTok Video Shows Dangers of Botox to Treat TMJ Dysfunction

If you aren’t yet familiar with the social media app TikTok, you may not have heard of a viral video about temporomandibular joint dysfunction that is gaining popularity. TikTok is a site popular with young adults where users upload short videos and get ‘likes’ which gives them more visibility. Videos can cover any topic, and last just a few seconds, making them easy to watch and follow along with.

Recently, a TikTok user from Florida uploaded a video of a botched medical procedure with the use of a popular cosmetic injectable. The woman had this injectable injected into her masseter muscles to relieve her symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (or TMJ dysfunction for short). The results were painful. The woman was unable to open her mouth or smile, due to the injectable being overdone and injected into the wrong part of the jaw.

While these results are not necessarily typical, it goes to show you that first and foremost, visiting a qualified practitioner is of paramount importance when having any type of medical procedure. It also goes to show that when it comes to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, there simply isn’t a quick fix.

The good news is that the results of this particular incident are probably temporary, as these injectables tend to wear off within approximately three to six months. While there is no way to know in advance if the woman will recover fully, she thankfully has already seen mild improvement. Also thankfully, there is a way to treat temporomandibular joint dysfunction, however, this solution may take a bit more of a time investment than a simple injection. Some solutions for temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment include custom bite guards, braces, and other devices that help realign the positioning of the masseter muscle.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction occurs when the temporomandibular joint of the jaw becomes misaligned from the jaw itself, causing a clicking and popping noise when the mouth opens and closes. It can be very painful, causing neck and headaches, backaches, ear ringing, teeth grinding, the inability to open and close the mouth, and jaw stiffness.

If you believe you may have temporomandibular joint dysfunction, don’t look for a quick fix. Speak to Dr. Abelar and let him design a custom treatment plan for your individual temporomandibular joint dysfunction issues.

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