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Not All Crowns Are Created Equally

Dr Martin Abelar - October 17, 2016 - 0 comments

A crown strengthens an existing tooth or implant and improves its appearance. It becomes the new face of the tooth, in essence, and is usually color matched to the other teeth that surround it. With all the research that exists showing that smiles are one of the first things people notice about someone, Dr. Abelar feels you should be very concerned about the quality of the care that goes into taking care of one of your most valuable assets.

A huge range of materials can be used in crowns. There are many cheap materials available, and you get what you pay for. Some are sturdy and long-lasting while others may fracture and crack easily requiring a mouth guard to be worn to protect them.

‘You get what you pay for’ may be cliché but experience has shown that cheap goods and services are made cheap, look cheap and last just long enough to get by. Sometimes you have no choice, and Dr. Abelar is truly understanding of those situations, that’s why 40% of his work is spent correcting work that has been done in the past by others trying to make a quick buck.

It takes skill and precision to place a crown correctly. Even an error the width of a single strand of hair can create an opening that harbors bacteria and creates even more oral health problems than what the crown was placed to fix.

Low-quality crowns, even when placed by skilled dentists, are only lasting about five years according to the insurance companies. That means these patients are having to go through the process of having a new crown placed every five years and will have to continue for the rest of their life. The time, hassle, pain, and cost of have the same procedure done four times more often than you would at a quality dentist is astounding.

At Dr. Abelar’s office, crowns are expected to last 15 to 20 years. He uses top quality materials and has been perfecting his technique through years of instruction and keeping up with the latest technology and techniques with regular training. He feels cutting corners with crowns may be one of the worst places to choose cost over quality. Watch a quick video here about Dr. Abelar’s all time favorite story about quality care.

Call the office at 858-866-9692 to schedule an appointment today or to get more information on the quality materials and skills he uses in all of is his procedures every day.

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