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New Bill Could Broaden Dental Care

Dr Martin Abelar - December 31, 2018 - 0 comments

When the 115th Congress introduced H.R2422 to the lexicon, they did it with the best of intentions: to expand dental care to seniors, children and the underserved. The bill was initially launched on February 26, 2017, but it is still not official yet. The bipartisan effort would be a game changer for some, focusing more on preventative health care before problems arise. It would expand the current oral health programs that are available with Medicare and Medicaid programs.

So, how good is this $160 million bill? Thus far it has garnered approval from both the American Dental Association and the National Dental Association, so it’s off to a great start.

It supposedly will expand prevention efforts and oral health education and increase access to oral health care for those who need it.

As for whether this bill is a good deal for taxpayers, when you consider that $160 million is 0.000851 percent of the United States’ annual budget, it shouldn’t have much of an impact on the average taxpayer. It will, however, have a big impact on those who benefit from the bill – especially seniors and children.

With data showing that poor oral health is responsible for everything from missed school to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and more, making oral health a priority for all people is an important way to protect their overall health – and that doesn’t just save money, it saves lives.

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