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High Tech Advances At A Dental Office Near You

Dr Martin Abelar - September 7, 2016 - 0 comments

Rapid advances in technology are setting apart the dentists of yesterday from the dentists of today.  For those who haven’t been to the dentist in the last five years or more, you may be pleasantly surprised by the changes you see if you brave the trip to see Dr. Martin Abelar, a San Diego dentist specializing in cosmetic, family and neuromuscular dentistry.

The technology we have been able to adopt in our practice over the last few years is way beyond anything patients saw in years past.  We have replaced old school radiographs with lower radiation digital x-rays, and we have new dental instruments with laser technology that can detect cavities without poking and prodding at teeth.

We also have advanced intraoral cameras and laser imaging that can speed the computer aided modeling of potential crowns, veneers and other restorations, reducing the number of necessary appointments required to plan, create and place them in the patient’s mouths.

We also have largely transitioned to better bonding and filling materials that look and feel much more like natural teeth favoring composite resin over the amalgam fillings of the past.  These new materials are able to fill holes on the front and side surfaces of teeth with less drilling into the natural tooth surface.

Overall, Dr. Abelar believes that these advances will offer patients better preventive care, as well as less traumatic maintenance and restorative care.  Making that first step to get back into the dentist’s office can be scary when patients haven’t been in a while, but once they get here, we feel confident that they won’t stay away so long again.  The future is looking brighter, and so will their smiles.

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