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Easy Ways To Improve Your Oral Health In 2022

Dr Martin Abelar - December 14, 2021 - 0 comments

When you’re pregnant, you know how important it is to give yourself some extra care. The stress pregnancy often puts on the body can be painful and well, stressful. That’s why a little self care is necessary for both you and for your growing baby.  In fact, neglecting to care for yourself during pregnancy can often cause problems that may not be an issue when you aren’t expecting. Take your oral health for example. Caring for your teeth is imperative whether you’re pregnant or not, but the dangers of not caring for your oral health can be exacerbated during pregnancy.

A recent study by the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia looked at the connection between pregnancy and oral health. The study found that the presence of gingivitis in pregnant women often lead to dangerous outcomes such as premature birth, and many other oral health problems in the mother as well.

These problems included everything from gingivitis to loose and fallen teeth to pregnancy granuloma, and dry mouth. It also was more likely to cause problems like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes to heart and kidney problems. 

These problems can also cause problems for babies as well. Prematurely born babies have higher instances of developmental disabilities and other medical issues. Babies of mothers with gingivitis were also more frequently found to have low birth weights.

So, what can you do about pregnancy gingivitis? Well, unfortunately in some cases there’s nothing you can do about developing pregnancy gingivitis, as it is sometimes caused by hormones, however you can still work to prevent some of the dangerous side effects.

For starters, experts recommend you switch to a softer bristled brush so as not to irritate your gums further. Next, take extra good care of your teeth and gums. If you don’t floss, start flossing. If you brush twice a day, bump it up to after every meal. If you visit Dr. Abelar once or twice a year, visit him at least once during your pregnancy, preferably at least twice, especially if you have a diagnosis of pregnancy gingivitis. You may not be able to prevent pregnancy gingivitis, but you can do your best to minimize its effects.

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