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Say goodbye to braces and hello to Invisalign

Get the confidence you deserve with discreet, comfortable aligners. Start your Invisalign journey today and unlock the smile you've always dreamed of. Every year, millions of dollars are spent by patients on treating a malocclusion. This is because malocclusion is such a common oral issue among individuals of all ages. Treating it brings about a massive change in the aesthetics of the smile as well as the functionality of the mouth. To help you in this regard, dental technology has come up with a revolutionary solution to a malocclusion with the help from an Invisalign® Dentist.

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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a mouthguard-like oral appliance that is used to get rid of the misalignment of teeth. It is made from transparent plastic material and stays under disguise when worn. The walls of the transparent aligner apply pressure on the teeth in a controlled manner, thereby helping to move them in the required direction. Over time, the teeth get into the required alignment, thereby giving you a beautiful smile.

What Can Invisalign® Correct?


A crossbite is the definition of what happens when some of your upper teeth rest inside the lower teeth rather than outside the lower teeth. This problem can range from minor to severe, but can often be treated with Invisalign®. If you have a crossbite, Dr. Abelar can determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®.


An overbite is when your upper teeth sit too far in front of your bottom teeth. This is a very common orthodontic issue, and one that is often easily correctable by Invisalign®

Crooked Teeth

Generally speaking, Invisalign® is a great option for straightening crooked teeth, especially when no other bite issues are present.


An underbite is when your lower teeth jut out in front of your upper teeth. Not only is an underbite not aesthetically pleasing, it can also cause damage to your teeth, such as accelerated wear, and even cause difficulties with speaking. Invisalign® is a great option for fixing many cases of underbites.

Open Bite

An open bite occurs when the upper and lower jaw don’t meet. Invisalign® can help correct an open bite by repositioning the teeth so the mouth can close properly.


Crowded teeth not only look bad, they can be dangerous for teeth. Food and plaque can easily build up on crowded teeth, causing bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis. Invisalign® can help straighten out crowded teeth, but some teeth may need to be pulled or an expander may need to be used in conjunction with your Invisalign® treatment.


Invisalign® can help close some of the gaps between the teeth, helping to make a more even smile and making it easier to brush and floss the teeth.

What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

Getting braces as an adult isn’t really on many people’s list of things they can’t wait to do. After all, it’s hard to feel like people take you seriously in braces, they’re uncomfortable, they’re hard to clean, they take forever to see results, and they’re just generally a teenager thing, right?

But what about Invisalign®? Invisalign® braces aren’t exactly braces, but clear aligners that fit over the teeth and slowly realign them the same way braces do, only much more discreetly. They’re perfect for adults who want to look more professional and for those who only need minor adjustments to their bite. Here are a few more benefits to Invisalign® you may not have even considered!

It’s Clearly Different

The number one benefit to Invisalign® for most people? It’s clear! Most people can’t tell you’re wearing Invisalign® aligners, so you look professional at all times! Furthermore, should you need to remove your aligners for any reason, they come out easily and can be put back in quickly as well.

They Fix A Bunch of Problems

Invisalign® aligners can fix minor flaws, but they can also fix larger bite issues, such as crowding, underbites, overbites and crossbites, open bites, and gaps in the teeth.

They’re Removable

As we mentioned before, Invisalign® aligners are easily removable, so if you need to take them out to eat or drink, to clean them, or to brush your own teeth, you can easily do so. Just remember to put them back in! It’s recommended that you wear them 22 hours a day.

They’re Replaceable

Lose or break an aligner? Teething puppy find one? Oops. Don’t worry, your aligners are replaceable. In fact, you probably won’t wear yours for more than a month before switching to a new set. Replacement aligners are affordable, and emergency replacements are available if you lose or damage one.

They’re Comfortable

Weird to say that orthodontics could be comfortable, but that’s exactly what people say about Invisalign® braces. They are much more comfortable than wire braces, and they’re even comfortable on their own.

Want to learn more about Invisalign in San Diego, CA?

For Invisalign® treatment to be as effective as possible, there are a few conditions that you should keep in mind. Though Invisalign® is removable, it has to be worn for at least 22 hours every day. This ensures the aligners stay in contact with the teeth for the maximum duration during which they can move the teeth as required. They have to be worn even when you go to bed.

Since the Invisalign® treatment is divided into various phases, a new set of aligners will be given by the dentist for each phase. Each phase usually lasts for 2 weeks. Every time you start using a new set of aligners, they may feel a little weird against your teeth. But, the feeling would wear off in a couple of days. Every time you put the aligners back on, make sure there is no food debris stuck in between the teeth as it could affect the treatment. Based on the type of malocclusion and its severity, your treatment period could range between a few months to a couple of years.

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