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Why Sugar Hurts

Dr Martin Abelar - January 20, 2021 - 0 comments

It’s safe to say that most of us enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. Whether it’s a sugary beverage, candy, or cookies, most of us have some degree of a “sweet tooth.” But sometimes our sweet teeth can ache when we consume sugar, and we may not know why. Here are some reasons our teeth become sensitive to sugar, and what we can do to make sure it stops.


While there are many reasons sugar can hurt our teeth, one major culprit of tooth sensitivity is enamel loss. Enamel loss can cause not just sensitivity to sugar, but sensitivity to acidic foods like citrus or sodas, hot foods, and even cold foods.

When enamel loss occurs, the dentin tubules in your teeth become exposed. Using a sensitive toothpaste can help reduce sensitivity in the teeth by coating those tubules, protecting them from outside influence like sugar or hot and cold. Another means to repair sensitivity is dental bonding, which is similar to a filling, but coated over the tooth to fill in gaps in the enamel.

Another reason sugar may hurt is the presence of tooth decay or cavities. That’s because the sugar and acid can reach the dentin in your teeth that has been exposed by bacteria that has worn away the tooth enamel and caused the cavities.

Whitening Procedures are yet another reason we may experience tooth sensitivity, though thankfully this sensitivity is usually temporary, lasting only a few days or weeks.

Gum disease can also cause tooth sensitivity. Thankfully gum disease is reversible with the right care, though root scaling and planing may be required to clear it up and keep sensitivity at bay.

Ultimately, if you are experiencing dental pain when you consume sugar, it’s a red flag that something is going on inside your mouth that needs your attention. If this sounds like you, speak to Dr. Abelar today about your sensitivity and he can help get to the root of your problems and develop a treatment plan that will help address your sensitivity so you can go back to enjoying the sweets you love – in moderation, of course!

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