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Why Keeping Dental Insurance Is Important

Dr Martin Abelar - November 23, 2020 - 0 comments

With many insurance plans entering open enrollment season this November and December, many people are taking stock of their healthcare plans and which services to add or eliminate.  Insurance costs can add up, especially if you have dependents, and that cost can be hard to justify for many people. But dropping valuable insurance plans such as your dental coverage is a dangerous idea. Here’s why.

It Encourages Exams

We all know how important it is to visit the dentist on a regular basis. Regular dental screenings can help prevent cavities, gum diseases, and more. It also gets your teeth clean and sparkly. But sometimes we need a little more motivation to go, and having dental coverage can sometimes be the motivation you need. Having a regular dentist to remind you of upcoming cleanings, or to remind you to schedule one, is a big motivator, as is paying for coverage that you should be using.

It Can Equate to Big Savings

Dental insurance can cover many things, including cleanings, x-rays, evaluations, and even partially or completely cover issues like cavities and root canals. This can equate to big savings for you. It really is a minimal investment in your health when you think about it.

Cleanings Can Keep You Healthy

Getting regular cleanings can help keep your teeth and gums healthy, which can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being. The problem is if you don’t go to regular appointments you could miss something. Having adequate dental coverage may help prevent this.

It’s Important To Care For Oral Health During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic does not discriminate when it comes to who gets sick, however, some people may be more severely affected by it than others- namely those with preexisting conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Gum disease or periodontitis can worsen the symptoms of these diseases, making COVID-19 more dangerous to those with oral health problems.

It’s a Better Deal

You may have seen coupons on sale sites offering discount cleanings and x-rays that seem like a good idea. The problem is, you don’t know what added fees may be tacked on to your cleaning when you show up, or what restrictions may apply. At the end that $99 dollar service could cost you hundreds of dollars, and that’s if you have healthy teeth. It could be much worse if you have cavities or gum disease.  Insurance is a safe way to guarantee that you will have a  minimum covered by your plan (check your policy’s fine print) so you’ll know exactly what to pay when you check out. To verify coverage, please call Dr. Abelar’s office before selecting your policy.

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