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Why Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Martin Abelar - September 10, 2015 - 0 comments

Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy recently released a book titled Presence, that discusses the notion that first impressions typically revolve around assessing two criteria critical to human interaction:  (1) Can I trust this person?  And (2) Can I respect this person?  Much of this initial assessment is based on physical appearances, and may feel beyond our control.  Dr. Martin Abelar offers cosmetic dentistry services to help patients take control of the impression they make when they smile.

 A warm, authentic smile can go a long way toward achieving those criteria of trust and respect.  A healthy smile with healthy gums and clean white teeth shows a commitment to personal hygiene and good health, both of which can be telling of a person’s capability to be reliable.  But far too many people are self-conscious about flaws in their smile, whether it be due to staining of their teeth from drinking coffee and dark colored beverages, to missing teeth and noticeable fillings.

 Many of these issues can easily be remedied with regular visits to a dental hygienist, a simple tooth whitening, or composite resin fillings to replace amalgam fillings, and bonding of cracked or chipped teeth.  If there is extensive space between teeth or damage to tooth shape, veneers can be a great option.

 By taking care of these smile inhibitors, you can feel confident flashing your pearly whites and making a great first impression.  Call our office at (858) 866-9692 to find out what cosmetic dental options might be right for you.

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