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Using Massage To Treat TMJD

Dr Martin Abelar - March 31, 2023 - 0 comments

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction pain can be among the most frustrating types of pain you can encounter. This is because it can often be tricky to figure out the origins of this pain, and thus difficult to treat with conventional methods. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJD, strikes millions of people each year- mostly women in their twenties and thirties.

While there is no one cause for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, causes can include genetics, injury to the jaw, teeth grinding, and unknown origins. No matter the cause, TMJD pain can be debilitating, causing difficulty mouth breathing, speaking, chewing, opening and closing the jaw, tinnitus, migraine headaches, neck, back, and jaw pain, and clicking and popping of the jaw when the mouth opens and closes.

Thankfully there are many effective treatment options for treating TMJD, including mandibular orthotic devices from Dr. Abelar, bite guards, physical therapy, and a new breakthrough – intraoral facial massage.

The Benefits Intraoral Facial Massage

An intraoral facial massage can be done right in the comfort of your own home, but many find relief from seeing a professional for this type of treatment. The goal of intraoral facial massages is not to cure the TMJD, but to relieve the pain temporarily. In fact, some patients even report pain relief after their first intraoral facial massage treatment!

How Intraoral Facial Massage Works

Intraoral facial massage works by creating friction. This is performed by massaging some of the muscles of the face, which loosens tension in the face. This friction softens the muscles by increasing blood flow and warming the soft tissue.

It effectively ‘breaks up’ the masseter muscle – the one we need to chew our food. Fun fact about the masseter: did you know it is the strongest muscle in our body based solely upon its weight? It’s true! With all the pressure we put on the masseter, it’s no wonder it gets tense sometimes!

Intraoral Facial Massage and You

If you are interested in learning more about intraoral massage, please speak to Dr. Abelar for techniques or referrals. If you would like to learn more about treating your TMJD, please contact Dr. Abelar’s office for a consultation.

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