The Smile Virtual Visit

Posted by AESTHETIC DENTISTRY on May 8 2021, 11:10 PM

The Smile Virtual Visit

While we can’t say much for certain in these uncertain times, we can say the world has changed, and that includes the way we provide health care.  With many people exercising caution and limiting social contact, oral health has been a challenge during the pandemic. Many dentists around the world have reported an increase in oral health problems including missed exams and cleanings, more cavities, and even an increase in stress-related tooth damage.  But with the pandemic still very much present in our daily lives, what can we do to protect our oral health and still limit our contact with the outside world?

The solution is Smile Virtual, the virtual dental visit you can have in the comfort of your own home. Smile virtual allows you to be seen by Dr. Abelar for a preliminary evaluation, and then schedule your in-person exam following your initial appointment.

How it works

To participate in a Smile Virtual dental visit, simply upload a photo of your smile or of the area of your smile you are concerned about. Once we receive your images, we will respond to you with your very own personalized video evaluation. Simply view the video at your own convenience, and reach out to our office to schedule your in-person appointment

What are the benefits of Smile Virtual?

Smile Virtual is completely private and secure.  You can view your personalized video from anywhere, and avoid unnecessary exposure to others while receiving your consultation. You can then determine whether you’d like to be seen in person by Dr. Abelar, or if your question is answered by the video, simply do nothing.

What issues can be discussed with Smile Virtual?

Smile Virtual visits are perfect for a long list of different oral health issues, including cosmetic and general dentistry.  Thinking about braces or veneers? Do you need dentures or dental implants? Are your gums bleeding? Discuss these issues in your visit, and Dr. Abelar and his team will get back to you with recommendations.

How do I get started?

To participate in a Smile Virtual visit, simply visit the Smile Virtual page on Dr. Abelar’s website and press the “get started” button. The Smile Virtual software will walk you through each step, ensuring that you get the most from your Smile Virtual visit!

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