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The Gift Of A Smile

Dr Martin Abelar - November 14, 2016 - 0 comments

Every holiday season hours are spent searching for the right gift for family, friends, coworkers and even acquaintances. The sad reality is so many of those perfectly selected knick knacks end up on folding tables at yard sales with a little yellow sticker priced to sell. I bet you can’t even remember half of the things you were given last year, can you?

One of the hottest trends this year is teeth whitening and Dr. Abelar loves helping people look and feel their best. As the coffee and wine culture of this generation continue to evolve with enthusiasm, it seems anyone and everyone is looking for a way to pass that tissue test with bright, white flawless teeth. Not many things can leave you looking and feeling like a new person in less than an hour.

Maybe you’ve seen the light and have ditched those messy strips and as-seen-on-TV solutions that leave much to be desired. This holiday season is the perfect time to share your secret with your closest friends and family members. It can even help you take care of that white elephant gift you keep meaning to pick up for the annual office party or obligatory family get-together. What could go over better at a white elephant gift exchange than literally giving the gift of a whiter smile?

This generation is shifting the focus from material possessions to memorable experiences. This trend applies not only to a more meaningful daily life but to a less cluttered holiday season too. Why not get yourself and a friend a trip to our office for an in-house whitening session for a great alternative to the usual movie and lunch girl’s day?

For more information, give us a call at 858-866-9692 and let us help you cross those names off your Christmas gift list so you can have a relaxing and memorable holiday season.

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