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Should You Try Purple Toothpaste?

Dr Martin Abelar - April 29, 2023 - 0 comments

It’s safe to say most of us want whiter teeth. After all, when was the last time you heard someone say “my teeth are too white” or “I wish my smile wasn’t as bright”? Probably never, right? That’s because the pursuit of that perfect shade of white is one we keep chasing our entire life thanks to everyday stains from food, drinks, and sometimes bad habits like smoking. But what if a product came along and claimed it could whiten the teeth easily without the use of harsh chemicals? Would you be willing to try it? For most of us the answer is yes. But depending on the cost, many of us may think twice about hopping on the latest trend.

Recently, purple toothpaste debuted in the marketplace claiming to whiten teeth, and many people were left scratching their heads. After all, how does purple equate to white?

Actually, it makes sense in theory. Purple shampoo has been used on white and blonde hair for decades because it neutralizes yellow undertones. This is the principle behind purple toothpaste. The paste is supposed to leave behind a slight deposit of purple, neutralizing the look of yellow in your teeth. But does it work?

Well, for starters it definitely leaves behind a purple tint, which will get on your lips and tongue, but will fade relatively quickly. Yes, it also leaves behind a purple deposit on the teeth, but it doesn’t appear purple once you rinse your teeth. It leaves teeth looking a bit whiter and brighter, but only lasts as long as the toothpaste remains on your teeth, so after a few hours or after eating most of the effect is washed away.

With regular use (two times a day!) your teeth can appear whiter and brighter, and all without the use of harsh chemicals that can make your teeth more sensitive.

If you do feel that your teeth are looking a little lackluster, however, the best course of action is a professional whitening treatment from Dr. Abelar. This safe and effective treatment lifts several layers of stains, revealing whiter, brighter teeth, all safely and under Dr. Abelar’s supervision.

To learn more about cosmetic whitening, please contact Dr. Abelar for a consultation today!

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