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Should You Get Veneers?

Dr Martin Abelar - August 11, 2022 - 0 comments

For those with deeply stained teeth, teeth with enamel disorders, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, crooked teeth, and otherwise imperfect teeth, it may seem like there’s no reason to smile. Fixing some of these issues can be possible, but the results often leave much to be desired, and fixing one tooth doesn’t help the appearance of the surrounding teeth.  What you need is a solution that fixes all the teeth, so they are whiter, straighter, and do not appear chipped or cracked or damaged.

If only there were a solution! The great news is that there is! They’re called veneers, and they just could be the perfect answer to your oral health problems!


Veneers are thin sheets of white porcelain that fit over the front face of the tooth to create a brighter, whiter smile. They look and feel natural, and they cover everything from stains from smoking to chips and cracks! Best of all, they won’t stain, so you can indulge in your favorite red wine or coffee without worry!


You may have seen viral videos of people with shaved-down teeth prior to getting veneers. Though some of these videos are accurate, some are actually pre-crown, so if you have questions about how much natural tooth will remain following your veneer treatment, speak to Dr. Abelar, not an influencer!

Veneers are applied by roughing up the tooth so the porcelain adheres a bit better and fits into the mouth. Then the veneer is attached with an adhesive, and sealed into place. What remains is a beautiful looking tooth!


Veneers can last 10-20 years before needing to be replaced if taken care of properly. What does that entail exactly? The same thing as proper care for your natural tooth – brushing and flossing twice a day for two minutes at a time. For veneers you will also want to avoid super crunchy or super chewy foods. For example, don’t bite into that whole apple, cut it into pieces, and skip the gummy fruit candies.

Veneers are priced per tooth, and cost depends on the tooth and of course how many teeth you choose to have treated. To schedule an appointment for an estimate with Dr. Abelar, please contact the office today.

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