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Should You Get Cosmetic Edge Bonding?

Dr Martin Abelar - November 30, 2022 - 0 comments

Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your overall health. From the myriad benefits of improving your bite (straighter teeth, less jaw pain, better overall oral hygiene), to the boost in confidence you’ll get from a straighter smile, it’s definitely worth every penny.

But what happens when your teeth are perfectly aligned, but still don’t look perfect due to uneven wear, chips, or cracks caused by years of chewing and speaking with a bad bite? After all that time spent straightening your teeth, it can be very frustrating.

If you’ve recently completed orthodontic treatment but you, or will soon, and your individual teeth suffer from chips, cracks, or uneven wear, you may want to consider a procedure called cosmetic edge bonding. 

Cosmetic edge bonding is a procedure where the tips of the teeth are bonded with a resin composite to reshape the tooth and create a more even appearance. Normally used for the back teeth, cosmetic edge bonding is becoming a popular procedure for the front teeth.

Unlike veneers, edge bonding is less expensive, and can be a bit more durable. The downside is that it still can chip, and it still can stain, however if your diet is not heavy in coffee or red wine and you don’t smoke, staining should not be an issue with proper hygiene.  Furthermore, if your bonding should chip or break, it is easily reparable by Dr. Abelar.

Bonding also cannot be whitened, so those who undergo whitening treatments should do so before the bonding is placed and they are satisfied with the color of their teeth. Bonding also cannot be done before your orthodontic treatment is complete, so you must have your braces off or your clear aligner regimen finished before undergoing this treatment.

Cosmetic edge bonding is also a relatively quick procedure that requires no anesthesia. It can be done in one to two visits, depending on how many teeth need to be bonded. The average tooth takes no more than an hour to complete.

Cosmetic edge bonding is a natural-looking way to make your smile more even and your teeth more uniform. To learn more about this procedure, speak to Dr. Abelar about your options today.

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