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Oral Health News You May Have Missed

Dr Martin Abelar - October 20, 2021 - 0 comments

Not sure what’s going on in the world of oral health? Here are a few stories from around the globe!

A recent study has found that older Hispanics do not get the same breadth of oral health care as other ethnic groups, leading to a health crisis among this population. In addition to the oral health problems caused by their inability to see a dentist regularly, these problems can worsen other serious issues such as diabetes and heart disease. Researchers have called for expanded medicare programs to help address this program, as this issue predominately affects seniors. Thankfully, in recent years children’s oral health access has improved, even amongst minority populations.

Researchers in Cairo, Egypt have found that gum disease may worsen symptoms of COVID-19, especially in those patients who already had cardiovascular disease. They recommend maintaining dental appointments and excellent oral hygiene to help lessen the severity of COVID-19 symptoms should patients contract this serious illness.

A major recall of a popular CPAP machine is causing problems for patients as they are left without CPAP therapy. A class-action lawsuit may soon follow the recall. Dentists like Dr. Abelar recommend a mandibular sleep appliance in lieu of CPAP therapy, both for comfort and for safety reasons. Manual devices are also easier to clean and to travel with, and do not require power to use, nor do they rely on uncomfortable forced air to work.

Got to have that pumpkin spice latte? Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards, but wait at least 30 minutes before brushing to allow the enamel of your teeth to re-harden due to the acid in your coffee.

Which is better? Floss or water floss? While helpful, water floss is not quite as effective as regular old string dental floss. For tips about which floss is best, speak to Dr. Abelar, and make sure you floss at least once per day, preferably before bed!

A new study has found that asthma could be harming your oral health, because of mouth breathing and also many common asthma medications that may dry out the mouth or cause the condition known as thrush, an oral yeast infection. If you have asthma, be sure to let Dr. Abelar know so he can be aware of any asthma-related situations that may arise with your oral health.

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