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Oral Health Medicaid Programs Show Improvements In Job Search And Employment

Dr Martin Abelar - April 12, 2021 - 0 comments

A new study by the University of Michigan has found that oral health coverage in Medicaid programs is making a huge positive impact on the lives of recipients. In addition to allowing those recipients much-needed dental care, the study found that these recipients reported improvements in their job hunting prospects as well as in their current employment, and the reasons may surprise you.


Patients who underwent dental treatment under Medicaid reported increased self-esteem due to repaired teeth, dentures, and the alleviation of dental pain. This in turn helped them have the confidence to interview for jobs and to feel more confident at their current job.


The reduction of pain was another great benefit of oral care for patients utilizing the Medicaid program, as this allowed them to perform better at their current jobs with the increased ability to focus. It also helped them to sleep better at night.


Don’t discount the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Sleep can help alleviate depression and improve cognitive function during the day – both of which can help improve job performance.


Preventing illness is another benefit of improved oral health, as gum disease especially has been shown to increase one’s risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even some cancers.

These benefits extend beyond Medicaid recipients, too. In fact, we can all learn a lot from the study, not just those in the Medicaid program. Oral health is essential to overall health, and can even have mental health benefits, too. That’s why it’s imperative to not only care for your oral hygiene at home but to attend regular dental appointments with Dr. Abelar. 

Improved self-esteem can help our careers and even our personal life and dating life. Great oral health can reduce pain which causes us to miss workdays and lose valuable sleep. It can help us ward off dangerous diseases that can cause us more dental trauma and even death.

If you are a Medicaid recipient, check with your program to see what your dental coverage includes. If you do not receive Medicaid, remember: oral health and hygiene is essential no matter who you are, so don’t put off your routine dental care.

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