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One To Watch: Dental Digest

Dr Martin Abelar - March 31, 2023 - 0 comments

If you are one of the 1 billion TikTok users around the globe (the app is available in 150 countries, and has been downloaded more than 210 million times here in the United States!) You may be aware that TikTok doesn’t just have fun content, it can even be educational.

There are many channels that aim to make people’s lives better, with inspirational content like relationship advice, life hacks, organization ideas, and yes, even oral health tips!

One such account we love is Dental Digest. Dental Digest is a TikTok account run by a young man who has garnered more than 10 million fans on TikTok, and his videos are even available on YouTube.

The premise of the channel is the young man tries excessively sugary foods and then tests the sugar levels in his mouth. Next, he brushes his teeth with a new type of toothpaste each short video, and determines how much plaque and sugar are removed from the teeth by using the new toothpaste by either using tablets that show how effective brushing is, or by retesting with another sugar strip.

Dental Digest is a fun channel for people of all ages. It not only is fascinating to see how much sugar coats the teeth, it is also fascinating to see which toothpastes are the best at removing that sugar from the teeth.

Dental Digest is helpful because it uses engaging, fun content to teach about the benefits of brushing your teeth, making it perfect for kids to watch to better understand the importance of oral health and brushing their teeth.

It can also be very helpful for parents by showing them which toothpastes are the best to use, as well as showing them brushing techniques, and just how sugary some of the most common foods on the market really are.

Other oral health channels are available, featuring dentists and other influencers, however be careful with what you follow on apps like TikTok, as some accounts can present inaccurate information and dangerous dental hacks.

For good clean fun, definitely check out Dental Digest, and for your own clean teeth, contact Dr. Abelar’s office and schedule a consultation today!

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