How To Prevent Mask Mouth During The Pandemic

Posted by AESTHETIC DENTISTRY on Sep 16 2021, 08:03 PM

By now, most of us are used to wearing masks when we’re out in public. From stores to schools and workplaces, wearing a mask has become part of daily life. But sometimes wearing a mask can have a detrimental effect on our oral health. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem, so we can still stay safe and keep our teeth healthy, too!

Brush More

The first step in eliminating mask mouth is to keep our teeth clean. This is important because wearing a mask can cause dry mouth, which increases bacteria and bad breath. But upping our brushing habits is a great way to combat dry mouth, and to kill that bacteria so our teeth are protected. Wearing a mask can trap bacteria in the mouth, too, so brushing becomes all the more important with regular mask use.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Sugarless gum can help neutralize plaque acid by increasing saliva, all the while freshening our breath. This can be especially helpful when it comes to wearing a mask.

Drink More Water

While we should be keeping our masks on as much as possible, it’s important to stay hydrated even without wearing a mask. That’s because our bodies need water to function. But it’s also important when it comes to our oral health because water rinses away the dangerous bacteria our mouth harbors, that can cause cavities and bad breath.

Change Your Mask

Think of your mask like you would any other piece of clothing, even if it’s disposable. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt two days in a row without cleaning it unless you had to, so be sure to keep your mask clean, too. For disposable masks, it is recommended that they are only worn once or twice before disposing of them. A clean mask can help refresh your mask, eliminate odors, and prevent oils from your skin from causing clogged pores and acne around the mouth.

Come See Dr. Abelar

While some patients may still be hesitant to attend regular appointments like their dental exams, it is still vitally important that you attend your dental cleaning and exam every six to 12 months. This can help keep your teeth healthy and clean and spot any danger signs like cavities that are lurking in the mouth.

To schedule an appointment for your exam with Dr. Abelar, contact the office today!

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