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How Social Media Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dr Martin Abelar - July 30, 2023 - 0 comments

With an estimated 4.9 billion (yes billion!) social media uses around the world, it’s safe to say that social media has an impact on people. From influencers encouraging viewers to buy products to connecting with friends and family and keeping up with current events, social media plays a big role in many of our lives.


Now, a new study has found that social media also influences our health. The study was conducted on women who reside in public housing in Boston who use social media, and revealed some interesting data.


It seems that the more these women engaged with social media, the more likely they were to see a dentist and care for their teeth. Thus, having a stronger social network positively benefited their oral and overall health.


But why do you think this is? There are several reasons this could be true. First, social media networks have gotten a reputation for showcasing only the positives in people’s lives, which can create a bit of healthy envy when it comes to your smile. Seeing influencers, celebrities, and friends with healthy beautiful smiles encourages some social media users to want to make over their own smile, making them happier and healthier.


Next, social media can help keep us connected with friends, who are likely to offer concern and support if we are suffering from dental pain or issues like odontophobia, or fear of going to the dentist.


Social media can also make it easier to learn more about potential dentists, too. Whether you’re looking for recommendations or simply see a before-and-after that inspires you to reach out to a featured dentist, social media can influence our decisions when choosing where to go for our oral health needs.


Another benefit of social media? Introducing us to new products like dentist recommended toothpastes, brushes, and floss that we may not have seen via other, more traditional mediums.


Finally, social media can help us be more social with everyone from strangers to friends, making us feel less isolated and more connected with the world. This can encourage us to be braver in offline social situations, including visiting the dentists. This in turn can help alleviate dental fears and empower us to take care of our oral health.


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