Happy Children’s Dental Health Month!

Posted by AESTHETIC DENTISTRY on Feb 1 2022, 11:34 PM

Happy Children’s Dental Health Month!

We all know that oral health is important for people of all ages but did you know that it’s especially important for children? In fact, people assume that since their children have baby teeth those teeth aren’t as important to protect because they will eventually fall out anyway, but that flawed reasoning can be very dangerous. That’s because cavities cause more missed school each year than any other childhood illness, and are the number one childhood illness facing American children each year!

This is why a healthy oral hygiene routine is essential for kids. Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes per day, flossing once a day, and visiting Dr. Abelar regularly are excellent ways to safeguard your children’s oral health. But it helps to go further. Eating a diet low in sugar and chewing only sugarless gum can also help protect kids’ teeth.

This February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, the perfect time to reassess your childrens’ oral health routine, and the perfect time to consider this year’s theme: sealants. You may have heard Dr. Abelar discuss sealants before, but aren’t sure what they are. Sealants are a protective coating applied directly to the tooth to help protect them from harmful plaque and bacteria that might otherwise cause cavities and tooth decay. We often use sealants on a selected tooth or two that are deemed high risk.

The great news is that some sealants are even covered by dental insurance. You may wonder why sealants aren’t just used on all teeth, but the truth is not all teeth need them, and the cost may not be covered by insurance for teeth that aren’t at a high risk of developing cavities.

So, how do you know which teeth qualify for sealants and which teeth don’t? That is determined by Dr. Abelar during your child’s dental exam, which is why it is so important for children to attend their appointments twice annually. After all, if you can prevent the pain, lost school time, and expense of a cavity for your child, it just makes sense.

If you need to schedule an appointment for you or your child, or to discuss sealants, please contact Dr. Abelar’s office in San Deigo today.

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