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Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

Dr Martin Abelar - May 23, 2021 - 0 comments

You’ve probably already heard of the many foods that are bad for our teeth. Sticky candies, gum with sugar, crunchy, carb-laden foods like potato chips, sugary sodas, and alcohol, just to name a few! But did you know there are foods that are actually good for our teeth? It’s true! Some foods aren’t just good for our bodies, they’re good for our oral health, too!

Here are just a few oral health superfoods you can add to your diet!


Ever notice how your teeth appear whiter after you eat a strawberry? It’s not in your imagination! Strawberries really do temporarily whiten the teeth thanks to the enzyme known as malic acid. Furthermore, strawberries contain xylitol, which you may have heard of before. Xylitol is used as a sugar substitute in some gums and candies because it is good for your teeth and helps to kill plaque-causing bacteria!


Packed with vitamin D and calcium, cheese is a great choice for delicious food that keeps your teeth healthy in the process. Cheese also has lactic acid, which helps remove stains from the teeth.


Blueberries contain polyphenols that help ward off gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.


Because apples are so crunchy, they can actually help remove plaque as you chew. They generate more saliva as you chew, helping to wash away the plaque that accumulates on your teeth and causes cavities.


Celery is another crunchy food that can help increase saliva production and wash away plaque. It also contains malic acid which also helps to remove plaque on the teeth.


Probiotics aren’t a food themselves, but they are found in certain foods such as Kefir and yogurt. Probiotics help regulate the good bacteria in the body including the mouth and the gut. That bacteria can help overtake bad bacteria, balancing out the oral microbiome.

Remember, no matter what you eat, you still must take care of your teeth between meals. Even eating tooth-friendly foods is no substitute for brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time and flossing at least once per day, between every tooth.

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