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Do You Really Need A Dental Extraction?

Dr Martin Abelar - January 16, 2020 - 0 comments

There are several reasons due to which your dentist decides to pull out a tooth. Even though your permanent teeth are meant for a lifetime, they eventually become a target of bacterial infection which leads to excessive decay. Sometimes, your dentist is left with no other option than extracting the tooth. 

Simple tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that can be carried out in just a few minutes. It is a long-term solution to tooth decay, and pulling out the damaged tooth will prevent other teeth from getting infected. A few signs will let you know that only tooth extraction can solve some of the particular dental problems. They are as follows:


The common cause of tooth decay is a bacterial infection. You might experience inflammation in the affected tooth pulp, developing a deep hole or holes in the tooth. A simple mirror observation can let you know if there is any discoloration on the tooth surface, missing parts, or marks in the tooth, which are some of the vital signs of tooth decay.


If you always feel pain in the gums of some teeth or they get red, swollen, or bleed every time you brush, then these are clear signs of gum disease, which can lead to tooth extraction. Persistent bad breath is also a sign of gum disease.


While performing an orthodontic procedure, if there isn’t much space in the oral cavity, then the dentist might pull out your tooth to create space to allow teeth movement. Impacted teeth that grow into improper positions are usually useless and should be extracted to make way for other teeth.


Whenever wisdom teeth get infected or create a very painful situation which is hard to deal with, then the dentist may not have any other choice but to pull out the tooth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth removal requires a surgical process due to its impacted nature when they stay firmly in the jaw.

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