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Addicted To Sugar?

Dr Martin Abelar - March 4, 2019 - 0 comments

With so many addictions making headlines across the country and around the world, some addictions are unfortunately overlooked and treated as less serious than others. One example is sugar addiction. Yes, you heard right – sugar addiction is real and can wreak havoc on your health, from your blood sugar to your weight to your oral health.

What Is Sugar Addiction?

Sugar addiction occurs when the body begins to crave sugar much like it would any other addictive substance. This happens because when consuming sugar, the body releases dopamine and opioids, causing you to experience a high similar to one you would experience using any other addictive substance.

Unfortunately, like other addictive drugs, the more the body feels the sugar high, the more it craves it, and the more sugar is needed to satisfy the craving. Thus, a sugar addiction is born.

Why Is It So Bad?

Addiction to anything is never good, but despite its perceived innocence, sugar is not “everything nice,” as the old adage goes. Sugar causes everything from weight gain to diabetes to cavities and tooth loss.

How Can You Stop It?

While it is difficult to simply turn off a sugar addiction, it can be done by reducing your sugar intake a little bit each day until you have finally eliminated it entirely from your diet. The trick from there is to keep away from sugar in the future. The good news is that once you stop consuming sugar, your body stops craving it as much!

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