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Same Day Crowns in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

Dental crowns are caps and are made of gold or porcelain. It fits over the top of a tooth entirely and covers it the way down to the gum line. Due to the advanced dental technology, crowns can be placed in a single visit with the help of the CEREC 3D design and milling system.

How is the CEREC crown different from a usual crown?

Usually, for getting a crown placed, it requires a two-appointment process. In the first appointment, the tooth is prepared for the crown, and impressions are taken to be sent off to the dental lab to create the crown. That needs at least two weeks, and until then, you are made to wear a temporary crown. As the crown gets ready, you will have to return as part of the second visit and get the crown placed.

But in the case of CEREC system crowns, the dentist diagnoses and prepares the tooth. The crown is designed, milled, and placed in just a single visit on the same day.

What is the procedure for getting CEREC crowns placed?

In the first visit of the same day crown process, damaged material or any decay is removed from the tooth. The tooth is then prepared after removing a portion of the tooth from all sides and on the top. This helps in creating room for the crown that is to be placed over the tooth, occupying the same space as the original natural tooth. After completing the preparation, the necessary data for the CEREC system is taken, which includes a series of photographs and other measurements.

The crown is designated right in the system by the dentist, also letting you see how it might look like. The information about the design is sent to the CEREC milling station, where the data is collected to create the customized crown.

As soon as the CEREC crown is created, a temporary bonding material helps in placing the crown onto the tooth to check the bite and fitting as well. If everything seems right, then the crown is cemented permanently onto the tooth.


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