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Financing Oral Health Care

For some patients living paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard enough to scrape by paying for basics like food and shelter, let alone some dental procedures such as oral surgery. For those patients, it often comes down to a choice: Wait and let the problem get worse or make some tough decisions to pay for a procedure sooner than later.

Unfortunately, many Americans have no choice but to go with the latter. But thankfully, in recent years, special financing companies have emerged that help make paying for oral health and other health-related procedures a lot easier, by breaking down payments into one smaller, monthly bill. Of course, there are some common-sense buyer-beware warnings you should heed when considering financing medical bills. Here’s what you should know before you charge your procedure.

Who Do I Pay?

While your credit payment goes directly to your dentist at the time of service, you owe the creditor, not the dentist. You will receive either a paper or electronic bill each month just as you would any other credit card bill, and it is your responsibility to pay the creditor each month.

What Are the Terms?

Your terms will vary depending on who you have chosen to secure your financing.

What If I Miss a Payment?

If you are late or miss a payment, contact your creditor directly to make financial arrangements.

What Should I Do If Something Is Wrong or Inaccurate on My Bill?

In a recent news story in Washington, D.C., a woman found erroneous charges on her health care financing bill. If this happens to you, don’t panic. First contact your creditor and explain the situation. From there follow the steps your creditor tells you to resolve the issue. There could be any number of explanations, and most creditors will work with you to resolve issues.

With All the Negative Press, Should I Bother with Financing?

It’s really up to the individual patient whether financing oral health procedures is a good decision for their budget. Many patients choose to finance their care and have no problems whatsoever. Financing can be a useful tool to take care of oral health problems before they worsen, but as with any financing, it is the patient’s responsibility to do their due diligence about terms and payments prior to using their plan.

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