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Don’t Try This at Home: Leave This Repair to the Experts

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment you can only get from completing a do-it-yourself (or DIY) project – especially if that project is something you’ve never tried before. But sometimes in life there are DIY projects that you really shouldn’t do yourself, not just because they’re too difficult, but also because they can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Such is the case with many at-home dental treatments. While some may promise results that rival a professional job, the risks involved make them not worth the effort. Here’s one dental treatment you should definitely not try at home.

Recently a social media celebrity from Sydney, Australia, by the name of Roxy Jacenko posted on her Instagram account that after falling on her face and breaking her two front teeth, she glued her teeth back together using false-eyelash glue. Yes, you read that right. She put her teeth back together with cosmetic glue. Jacenko eventually did go to a dentist and get her teeth fixed professionally, but it took her four months - and considerable risk - to do so.

So why can’t you just slather some eyelash glue on your teeth and call it a day? Well, for starters, it’s not permanent, so even if it does work for the moment, it's not going to last forever. Beyond that, it’s extremely dangerous for both you and your teeth. Putting glue in your mouth won’t cement your lips together, but it could get you extremely sick if you accidentally swallow some of the glue.

And then there’s the danger to your teeth. Applying a product not intended for teeth to a freshly broken tooth (or any other kind of tooth) can cause infection and further damage the tooth. In fact, you could even lose the entire tooth if the infection is bad enough.

The good news is that there is a product for adhering crowns and lost fillings temporarily. You can find it at the drug store in the oral health section. Though it's not a permanent fix, it should hopefully tide you over until you can get in to see Dr. Abelar and get that tooth fixed the right way. Just make sure you follow the product instructions carefully and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Abelar as soon as possible.

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