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What Happens When Adult Teeth Don’t Come In?

Growing up, there are many things we can usually rely on in life. We will most likely get taller, our bodies will get stronger, and our baby, or primary, teeth will fall out and be replaced by adult, or permanent, teeth. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. We may not get very tall or have muscles like The Rock, and sometimes we don’t get all our adult teeth like we should. For some people, the baby tooth that’s keeping the place for the MIA adult tooth never falls out, so at least there isn't an empty space where a tooth should be. But just because there’s a tooth in that spot doesn’t mean it should stay there. If you’re an adult with a not-so-grown-up baby tooth hanging around in your mouth, here’s why you should consider having it removed.

Wrong Size = Bad Bite

You may have heard the term "bad bite" before but never really knew what it meant. A bad bite isn’t just about chomping into an apple incorrectly - it can have painful ramifications when you’re not eating, too. A bad bite can cause everything from a misaligned jaw to TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder.

Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw doesn’t just look bad, it can cause uneven wear on your teeth, tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) and everything from pain while chewing to sleep apnea and TMD.


Temporomandibular jaw disorder is a painful condition that causes tension and discomfort in the jaw. But sometimes that pain isn’t just confined to your jaw. People with TMJ disorder can experience pain in the head, neck, jaw, ears and even their back. Recent studies have even found a link between TMD and a higher instance of migraine headaches!

Pulling the Tooth

Unsurprisingly, when you tell most people they may need a tooth pulled, they’re less than thrilled. But thankfully, a pulled baby tooth can easily be replaced with a dental implant. Dental implants can be matched to the color of the existing adult teeth and created in the size of an adult tooth so it blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Best of all, your jaw will be in proper alignment, so many of the issues associated with a too-small tooth will be eliminated.

You may require some orthodontic work to get your jaw in proper alignment and to create space for the implant, but soon you’ll be on the way to a beautiful, healthy, pain-free smile.

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