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Skip the Tooth Jewelry Trend, Please!

It wasn’t too long ago that you couldn’t turn on the TV or open an entertainment magazine without seeing the form of tooth-jewelry known as a grill. If you don’t remember that unfortunate time in oral-health history, grills are those silver or gold plates that fit over the front teeth that are often decorated with jewels. Grills can be removable or permanently adhered to the teeth- and are often considered a status symbol. But grills have their downside, too. Aside from looking aesthetically unattractive to many, the American Dental Association has warned that permanent grills can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Removable grills carry a much lower risk but can still damage the teeth- especially if they don’t fit properly. Thankfully, the grill trend has mostly died down, but a new way to ‘bling out’ the teeth is on the rise, and users should proceed with caution.

According to the tabloid website Page Six, a new celebrity trend is gaining popularity, and it could replace the grill as the tooth-jewelry of the moment. Apparently, celebrities are gluing real diamonds to the front of their teeth to add a dash of sparkle to their mouths. While this trend is said to be much safer than permanent grills because the jewels are much smaller and can be easily cleaned (and cleaned around), can it really be called safe? In a word, no.

First and foremost, the problem with gluing anything to your teeth is that bacteria can get trapped underneath. If you’re going to a cosmetic dentist to get the jewels adhered, it’s imperative you’re adhering them to a very clean tooth. Another problem with attaching these decorations is that they are by nature difficult to keep clean. Food and plaque can easily build up around the jewel, too- causing it not only to look bad but potentially permanently damage the tooth with cavities or calcification spots like you see with kids who don’t take proper care of their braces.

Another issue with gluing jewels to your teeth is that they can scratch your tongue, cheek, and lips. They can also fall off and present a choking hazard, or even chip or break your tooth. They say diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth- do you really want to accidentally bite down on one? Even if the diamond comes off your tooth and you don’t notice, do you really want to swallow something so expensive? Bottom line – you may think the jewel looks good on your tooth for now, but when it comes off, that tooth may not look quite so sparkly anymore.

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