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Now Is the Time for a Smile Makeover

With children of all ages heading back to school, some parents are no doubt breathing a collective sigh of relief, while some are trying to be brave and not cry as they bid farewell to their kids in this new chapter in their lives. But whether your child is heading off to school for the first time or leaving the nest for good, now is the perfect time to focus on someone who probably hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately: you.

The bad news is that, yes, sometimes it does hurt to send your child off to school, even if it’s just the preschool around the corner. But the good news is that back to school creates an excellent opportunity to start taking better care of yourself - and that includes your smile.

Free Time

Timing, as they say, is everything. When it comes to improving your smile, having the time to attend appointments is invaluable. From your preliminary assessment to any fittings, fillings or placement appointments, it’s a lot easier to lie back and relax in the dental chair if you’re not trying to watch a child in the waiting room or stress about rushing home to make dinner for your teenager. For younger kids, school creates the perfect, distraction-free opportunity for parents to get caught up on all those appointments they’ve put aside. For parents of older kids, that empty nest can be seen as an opportunity to pursue goals and reflect on what is important to you - or what will make you feel complete.

Another reason this is a great time of year for your smile makeover? With upcoming holiday photos and gatherings, depending on how much improvement your teeth need, you could really have a reason to smile this winter! Turnaround time on veneers and crowns is often just about two weeks, and noticeable changes in orthodontic procedures can be seen in as little as several weeks.

But while dental implants can take six months or more from start to finish, the sooner you begin, the better. That’s because the longer your mouth is missing teeth without beginning the implant process, the harder it could be to achieve a successful implantation. Six months may seem like a long time, but if you start today, you could have another reason to smile when your child returns home for spring break next year.

Whether you just need a cleaning and exam or you’re ready to begin the process of transforming your smile, remember to take a moment this fall and be proud of the hard work you’ve put into raising your family - and remember, you and your oral health deserve that same care and consideration you’ve put into your family over the years.

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