Martin P. Abelar, DDS.

Aesthetic Dentistry - Martin P. Abelar DDS, San Diego, CA

Dr. Abelar was sensitive to beauty at a young age. “As a kid I couldn’t help but notice things like fine art and nice homes...I was always visual with a discerning eye for details,” he remembers. Later, he sought electives for art, photography, and film classes to nurture his creative spirit. Today, thirty plus years into practice as one of southern California’s premiere cosmetic and restorative dentists, Dr. Abelar masterfully blends artistry and science into his dentistry to achieve the most ideal results possible. “I essentially build a treatment plan around each individual”, he says. “There’s always a unique starting point ...perhaps a photo of their favorite celebrity smile, or even a photo of themselves from some years ago.”

Dr. Abelar invests in a thorough pre-treatment phase—discussing and exploring options, guiding his patients to the most beautiful, healthy, natural smile. “If you’re going to give someone the best possible result, then the planning phase is incredibly important…and this applies not only to cosmetic cases, but general dentistry as well”.

Dr. Abelar has the distinguished honor of instructing for many years at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, teaching practicing dentists from around the world the most progressive techniques available today. He also mentors several very successful dentists locally.

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